Financial Planning and Consolidation

Business Planning and Consolidation (BPC)

We help organizations improve the efficiency of their strategic and financial consolidation by automating them in a software that incorporates their business rules with the best practices in the field.


  • It facilitates the gathering of information
    from different data sources in order to incorporate them into a single tool.
  • Reduces time
    in the financial process’ cycle through the collaboration of the different participants in a unified environment by adaptable workflows.
  • Minimizes risk
    of errors by enabling the integration of data in a single
    version of the plan.
  • Improves decision making
    by modeling different scenarios, as well as the interaction with Microsoft Excel.
  • Quickly provides responses
    to financial information needs.
  • Consolidates legal and administrative matters,
    allowing reports in multiple formats: US GAAP, IFRS, FRS, etc.

Corporate Planner

A planning, analysis and flexible reporting system. Part of the solutions included in CP - Suite.

Information is organized in trees, allowing deep analysis of budgets and business plans, which can be extracted quickly and easily with a wide range of planning tools.


  • User oriented
    intuitive and easy to use interface.
  • Quick display
    of specific information through the tree structured data.
  • Easy adaptation
    to the changes required by the company's reporting and planning process.
  • It includes default
    analysis tools
    that do not require any reconfiguration for changes in the structure or information.
  • Adaptable
    to all sectors and company sizes.