Strategic Planning

Strategy Management Model ENABLE

In Enable we support institutions in achieving their goals through a combination of strategy management methodologies with the use of technological tools that facilitate monitoring,  encouraging compliance with the defined plans.
We have extensive experience in the design and implementation of strategy management models based on the Balanced Scorecard (BSC ©), an effective performance management tool that can help you improve the execution of your strategy.
traduccion y alineacion estrategica

Translation and Strategic Alignment

We translate the institutional plan into strategy maps that portray the institution’s objectives, indicators and initiatives, while communicating its priorities in a clearer way.
instrumentacion tecnologica

Technological Instrumentation

We simplify performance management
through technological tools that centralize all information, encourage collaboration and facilitate decision making.
ejecucion y gestion efectiva

Effective Management and Execution

We guarantee the continuity of management models and institutional self-sufficiency through the design and implementation of processes that execute its strategy.

SAP Strategy Management (SSM)

Provides scorecards and strategy maps to help align resources (consistent distribution) and allows monitoring for assuring compliance with the organization's strategy.


  • Optimizes and accelerates
    projects with an accurate budget and precise planning.
  • Provides employees with
    key performance indicators
    to assess the status of an initiative.
  • Aligns resources
    against strategic objectives.

Vision Engager

Vision Engager is a strategy management tool that provides a complete solution to the needs for managing commitments and performance in an organization, contributing effectively to the achievement of its vision.

In addition, Vision Engager helps the organization communicate strategies, define goals, monitor progress and track key projects and actions to achieve the expected results. 
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  • Supports decision making
    through an integrated view of achievements and goals in an organization.
  • Provides a
    global view of the organization’s strategy
    through strategy maps.
  • Presents relevant information