Some of our success stories

A Long-Term Relationship

The Enable team collaborated with us in the implementation of SAP ERP to support and integrate our Group's subsidiaries in Spain, Guatemala and Costa Rica. Today, they continue to give us support services so that together we can always obtain the most functional value from our investment. We have benefited from their experience and willingness for over 12 years.

From the moment this project was completed, we have a better control of our billing, because the system helps you to have healthier accounts and therefore less bad debt. With regard to inventories, we have a greater assurance that the balances shown are reliable every day, which gives us better procurement planning, improving working capital and reducing the level of obsolete materials. Through the system, costs stay updated, allowing us to be measuring the profitability per family, customer and product; thus substantially improving the Group's results.  

Before this project, the preparation of information for board meetings was very complicated in terms of the integration of data from different areas; the closures were done until mid-month and now they only take two days. In general, the benefits of the implementation of SAP ERP in Grupo Zapata have been essential for the growth of the organization. It was a very successful implementation!

Estela Flores Diaz
Corporate Controller
Grupo Zapata

Balanced Scorecard®: An Enriching Experience

The service we received from Enable was always professional and timely. They are experts in the implementation of Balanced Scorecard (BSC®). They aligned the entire institution and made the model valuable for everyone.  

It was an enriching experience that left us great results and an important learning experience in the use of management tools, mainly in the methodology of Balanced Scorecard (BSC®).

Javier Fernández Cueto
Corporate Strategy and New Business
Compartamos Banco

BPC: Structured Processes and Better Decision Making

Previously our company had a financial planning model, which we handled in Excel and for a year it solved our business needs; but in the current and accelerated growth of the organization, we required a model that would allow us to get greater detail and more accurate information, so we considered two possible solution providers, each of them with a particular tool. We decided to choose Enable and its SAP Business Planning and Consolidation solution. We got very good recommendations from SAP, and after talking to some of Enable’s clients, their response reaffirmed our decision.  

Having implemented the BPC tool, we have more structured and standardized processes and each business line submits their information in time through a single format that facilitates its loading and promotes the participation and involvement of those responsible for each area. We know that this project will allow us to have more control and information security, conduct scenario planning against comparative historical data, make better planning of taxes, have templates for data loading, divide in time our expenses and financial costs; but above all, make better decisions that continue to support our growth.    

We managed to make a great team with consultants who were proactive and always open to listen to our concerns and suggestions.  

We generated a long-term relationship. The Enable team is now a part of our team.

Lorena Cárdenas
Financial Director
Crédito Real

BPM: Administration & Process Control

The service provided by Enable in the implementation of Metastorm, now OpenText, for automating Heineken’s critical processes, has been very satisfactory. The work done by the team of consultants has been very efficient in terms of response time and quality. All of the requirements requested have been met; moreover, the way in which we've teamed up and in which the project has developed has helped us generate better management and control of our processes, reducing downtime, as well as the resources needed to implement new processes.

Jeancarlos Giron
CS & Logistic Coordinator

Business Intelligence: Visibility and the Achievement of Institutional Goals

Enable is a consulting agency aware of what their consultants and clients need, the support and response level is evident every day.  Their participation and support in the implementation of the SAP Business Intelligence tool has allowed us to have greater visibility of data in both tactical and strategic levels; but above all, in achieving organizational goals.  

We have generated a long-term relationship.

Sofía Prieto Ladrón de Guevara
Administrator of Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence